MDM - IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management

Consulting activities in the MDM - IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management area include the following aspects:

  • MDM analysis for existing customers that have their data in multiple systems;
  • Architect transaction style within the MDM system;
  • Creation of customized transactions using the development tool;
  • Optimize the MDM performance and batch;
  • MDM solution customization of Java code, as well as optimizing SQL Queries;
  • Implement DW and ETL processes using IBM Information Server (DataStage and Quality Stage) for both ETL extract transform, load, match and qualify data.


Management of MDM Solution throughout the entire project lifecycle includes:


  • project initiation/proposals;
  • capacity planning;
  • system configuration and customization;
  • project delivery, business liaison / stakeholder management;
  • load and stress testing;
  • post implementation review and project close out /handover.


We can make operational availability of your existing MDM solution by:

 - including analyzing support requests, incidents and problems;

 - implementing changes to the MDM system.

Furthermore we can troubleshoot issues aside from JVM system crashes of MDM, Java cores, thread dumps, cache sizes and Database Connection Pool performance problems

Also, we are familiar with the tooling set for MDM Solutions:


IBM Information Server

IBM InfoSphere Blueprint Director

IBM InfoSphere Metadata Workbench

IBM InfoSphere Discovery

IBM Information Analyzer

IBM DataStage and QualityStage