Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant service suits to any profesionall who need extra support and backup while you are busy with your clients and your project activities.
Virtual Assistant will help you me manage incoming calls and emails, schedule events, and help you stay on top of all of my obligations.
This service is suitable for small teams or single professionals who need extra support to grow the own business.

You can imagine IT specialist who is busy working on client project to deliver last milestone but need extra support to take all calls for next project.
You can imagine busy lawyer who need help managing his workflow, client appointments in CRM and project management software while in court room or busy with his clients.

Our responsibility is in range of following activities:
- Data entry into CRM software, Word or other programs
- Outbound calling to clients, vendors or others
- Inbound call and registration
- Email and newsletter management
- Other miscellaneous tasks that can be performed online and on your behalf

Our differentiation to help you:
- Existing experience as an administrative assistant preferred
- Strong understanding of Internet and online communication tools
- Ability to multitask and take on multiple projects
- Excellent speaking skills in English
- Ability to meet deadlines
- Strong communications skills and attention to detail
- Fiber Internet connection