Automated service and infrastructure provisioning

For companies interested in rapidly expanding their online services or increasing their internal applications, we can provide efficient consulting in the infrastructure automation area that will speed up the development process and reduce human errors.

Using IBM’s patented Rational Automation Framework, we can quickly create the programming environments that developers need and do so flawlessly, every single time. When companies rely on handmade programming environments, there are invariably small errors in the configuration that slow down development and can lead to faulty applications. Aside from that, the process of building programming environments by hand is already a time-consuming one, which needlessly delays production.

Companies now have the possibility to avoid these delays and difficulties by calling on our expertise in IT automation. We produce development environments, test environments, integration environments, and training environments that are internally consistent, easy to set up, and ensure that programmers are not hampered by small problems in their server configurations. And should inconsistencies ever arise, automation allows us to instantly re-deploy the environment the developers were using, and put them back on track to complete their project, all manageable by one click of a button.