Corporate ECM environments and collaboration

We are "IBM Content Manager" Expert for upgrade projects and development with II4C-API (Java) Programming, Eclipse and Plug-ins jUnit and Subversion, Filenet, IBM CM 8.4.3, AIX6.1, AIX7, WAS 7.0,WAS 8.0, DB2 9.7 (incl. NSE), DB2 10.5, TSM 6.2

IBM DB2 Content Manager ( is an ECM system built on top of the DB2 database and IBM WebSphere Application system. It is a highly scalable solution for document storage and workflow of any type.

Our customers rely on our expertize for:

  • upgrade and migration to IBM DB2 Content Manger;
  • enhancing existing solution based on IBM DB2 Content Manger;
  • fixpack update;
  • Corrective "maintenance" (Defect fixing)
  • due diligence and solution review;
  • Evolutive classic "maintenance" (RFCs)
  • switchover to another ECM system
  • Execution and Planning
FileNet Suite
•IBM FileNet Application Engine 4.0.2
•IBM FileNet Case Analyzer 5.0.0 (formerly known as Process Analyzer)
•IBM FileNet Content Engine 5.1.0
•IBM Content Search Services 5.1.0
•IBM Enterprise Records 5.1 (formerly known as IBM FileNet Records Manager)
•IBM FileNet Process Engine 5.0.0
•IBM FileNet Process Simulator 5.0.0
•IBM FileNet Rendition Engine 5.1.0
•IBM FileNet Workplace XT 1.1.5 

Comparison of ECM systems

DB2  Filenet  

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