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Technology has helped businesses chart an unparalleled growth path but also throws up enormous risks for the IT infrastructure. Organisations must understand the vulnerabilities lying in any corner of their network and IT infrastructure to be able to plug them well in time. The CIO must stay abreast of the risks faced by the business and assess the risks by using a set of predetermined control points and devise strategies to tackle these threats. It is also critical to detect fraud and prevent any recurrent occurrence of related events emanating from internal as well as external threats.

An IT audit will help to provide a clear vision of the IT infrastructure and aid the CIO to decide on the steps to be taken to minimise IT risks. An audit will also help to minimise security-related risks for the multitude of data that resides across the disparate systems across the organisation. You must be using the COBIT framework that is ideal for such audits to allow you to detect threats for your IT and networks infrastructure. With the increased use of software applications in attending to customers and the greater audience, periodic IT audits can also lead you to the potential issues in handling customer experience issues. It can even pinpoint the problems customers face when interacting with your business.

Businesses that require an independent audit of its IT systems and network infrastructure partner with Actinolix to help them identify any loopholes in the infrastructure and suggest strategies to attend to them. Our methodology is based on COBIT and COSO procedures and the global best practices that have been imbibed by our experienced auditors. The Actinolix team undertakes periodic IT audits on behalf of our clients to provide detailed insights into the threats that may be lurking across the IT infrastructure that comprises of technologies from multiple OEMs.

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    IBM Q-Radar, OpenVas Add: part of audit will be RTO and Data Loss prevention review, GDPR personal data protection policy, security penetration testing and thread detection, vunerability detection, information security policy review, Vulnerability Management review, Access Control review, DLP data loss prevention, The activity will be supported with various


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